SOULLINE is a metal band from Schweiz. They have been active in the metal scene since 2001, cementing their status as live metal band with major impact on their audience.

The music Soulline proposes is a melodic death metal with some hardcore influences.

The beginning – Wacken Open Air

After 7 years of concerts, to learn to play metal, in 2007 Soulline releases the first album Oblivium that let them playing at WACKEN OPEN AIR 2008! The success was a turning point for the band, who decides to invest in the music and start to bring their music around the globe. Lately Soulline started their Touring experience supporting VADER through through Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia.

The Struggle, the Self and Inanity“, the second LP of Soulline, is presented for the first time during a tour in Russia during the Aealo Tour 2010 supporting ROTTING CHRIST.

Soulline plays around Europe during their first European Tour in October 2011 supporting PRO-PAIN in their Celebration of 20-years’ history, playing in Nederland, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary.

The third record “We Curse, we Trust” was out on Summer 2012; it is produced by Peter Tägtgren and presented during a Tour between Germany, France and Denmark with ILLDISPOSED and supporting SEPULTURA in Switzerland.

The metal band from Schweiz played at The Final Revolution Tour in December 2013 supporting PRO-PAIN and in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium and The Nederland. They have also played at Winter Metal Meeting Festival 2013 at Z7 Pratteln (CH) with DESTRUCTION.

The new Era – the new singer

Klod decides to leave the band, and Ghebro takes his place thanks to his powerful growl voice. Their 4th album “Welcome My Sun” have been produced by Dan Swanö, at Unisound Studios in Örebro Sweden, and released in April 2015.

After the release, they have done some shows between Germany, Austria and Switzerland supporting SOULFLY, AMORPHIS and SIX FEET UNDER (in their Xmas in Hell Tour).

During 2016 and 2017, the band had the opportunity to play some great concerts supporting ELUVEITIE and SIX FEET UNDER in Switzerland. The tour in Europe with MOONSPELL between France, UK, Ireland, Nederland and Belgium and TEXTURES in Italy.

The album “The Deep” has been released on 19th September 2018. The band has presented it on a tour with ILLDISPOSED in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland and they played also some gigs in Switzerland with PRO-PAIN.

The Rebirth

Then the pandemic came. Soulline without live gigs are loss. But a Record Label discover the band and offers them a record deal. After 20 years of music, Soulline signs with Massacre Records for their 6th Studio Album. Screaming Eyes (2022) was out on 11.03.2022 and supported during various concert. Highlight of the year was the opening act of Clawfinger at the mighty z7 in Pratteln.